Enhancing Analytics

From automating outputs to improving insights and prioritizing assignments, we develop robust teams and drive efficiency.

Deploy the latest in Large Language Model (LLM) tools to move to completion in fewer hours and with deeper insight.

Training and
workshops on:


Dashboards and Visualization

Predictive Modeling

Big Data Management

Data Governance

Advanced Analytics

Machine Learning

Streamline research with automation of key functions
Make informed decisions with more thorough analysis
Teach teams to leverage LLMs (like ChatGPT, Bing and Bard) for improved speed and robustness in:

Ideation - Brainstorming / Counter-arguments

Writing - Synthesizing / Editing / Evaluating

Background Research - Lit review / Translation / Explanation

Coding - Writing / Explaining / Translating

Data Analysis - Extraction / Reformatting / Classifying