Case Examples

VP Scenario Workshops

Ongoing monthly program where VPs discuss true-to-life workplace scenarios with their peers.

Gray Dawg generates each scenario based on their career experiences and moderates sessions with small groups of 3-4 VPs at a time. 1:1 coaching is available.

Chat GPT presented with the same scenarios. Gray Dawg uses this AI-generated output as stimulus in VP discussions and integrates both into final write-up.

Key Benefit: Fast Tracking

Provides early exposure to tricky business situations in a safe collaborative environment

Case Examples

Effective Uses of AI and Large Language Models (LLMs)

Increased productivity is part of the promise from the latest in AI offerings for organizations, but using tools like ChatGPT, Bing and Bard can disrupt business process in both good and bad ways.

Gray Dawg identifies where and how to optimize use of these powerful new resources with one eye on data security and the other on giving your team clear activities of focus and specific prompts that maximize productivity gains.

Beginning with an assessment of corporate, team and individual objectives and policies, we then workshop specific use case prompts where teams are looking to improve effectiveness. We measure pre- and post- implementation gains to add up benefits of continued use.

Key Benefit: Train your AI.

Rather than worrying how jobs may be impacted, ensure that your people know how to maximize benefits.

As these approaches become more commonplace across a range of business functions, keeping up with their best uses will ensure excellence across a range of outcomes.

Case Examples

Business Growth Program

Need identified to get next gen leaders to think more strategically about cultivating business at existing clients

Gray Dawg created a multi-faceted growth program for future leaders comprising heuristic framework , coaching syllabus and on-the-job training

Chat GPT used as a tool to stimulate discussion at each stage of the coaching program

Key Benefit: Holistic View

Demystify the client development process by imprinting a set of easy-to-assimilate heuristics