Words to the wise - See others

Attention to detail is your passport to higher level conversations

Each of us at Gray Dawg have played the lead account role for the same blue chip tech client. We both provided high quality insights and consultancy to this client and earned the reputation of valued partners. Yet for this client, the only two performance criteria they set vendors is a) to deliver error-free data and b) to deliver it on time. If a company fails to meet these criteria, it’s highly unlikely they’ll see much business from them. This is an illustration of how important it is to pay attention to small details. This client is very clear – they’ll only listen to what you have to say once you’ve cleared the accuracy and timing hurdles to their satisfaction. We think this works more generally too whether you’re talking to clients or colleagues – it’s your attention to detail that will win you opportunities to talk about bigger things.

“When you pay attention to detail the big picture will take care of itself”

- Georges St-Pierre, MMA fighter