What drives Tom Buehrer

I’m a curious and consummate networker who loves exploring the connecting points with those I meet. I want you to laugh and smile when we’re together, but I can't tell a joke to save my life. I enjoy contributing to the small moments of levity and fun that make days pass more quickly. I prefer to shine my light on others to illuminate their strengths.

I believe we all have enough information to make great decisions if we're bold enough to move forward with them. My intellectual curiosity led me to learn about the black art of data science, although I'd rather trust ChatGPT to code up your next gnarly piece of analysis. You’ll always find me pointing out better ways to find answers.

The way I collaborate for success is by deploying the latest insights techniques. My focus is on addressing specific areas where improvements can be achieved with better analytics and streamlined processes. I help teams adopt these new ways and improve their productivity. I thrive when sharing my experience and knowledge to enhance results for others.

All that said, I firmly believe in drawing my inspiration from the outdoors or in a song and will always be looking for ways to increase my time to pursue those endeavors.