What drives Graham Kerr

Ideas are like molecules. In their gaseous state they float around freely, in their liquid state they start to crystallize into something more structured and in their solid state they become fully formed. I get the biggest kick co-creating with colleagues and clients at the gaseous stage - nurturing the flimsiest fragments of ideas till they eventually coalesce, creating meaningful innovation that drives the business forward.

My own personal effectiveness is so much less important than developing the effectiveness of my immediate line reports and then getting them to develop the effectiveness of each of their own line reports and so on . Maximizing the potential of teams and inspiring my peers to achieve the same is everything

For the last five years I’ve been obsessed with the idea of how to make experience & savviness a tangible asset that informs better business decision-making. I’m on a crusade, passing my collected words of wisdom to anyone who will listen. I’m a wise old dog not a washed up old dinosaur - I relish being able to demonstrate that every day.

Life is funny. I never intended to end up a self-proclaimed research guru. Twenty years ago had I demonstrated any prowess at all during my year a horse wrangler in Alberta things could’ve been so much different. Nowadays I content myself wrangling research problems instead.